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Image of Paul Wegman- Miss P with audience at Parliament House, Orlando. Written on back of the image "October 3, 1997 Yes, that's a towel on my head". Miss P's famous one eyebrow look began around the mid to late 1990's.

Paul Michael Wegman or…

Old San Juan Hotel_ ie_ Grand Central Hotel _ Orange and Central_001.jpg
This postcard depicts an artist's rendition of the San Juan Hotel in downtown Orlando. Originally established in the late 1880s, the San Juan was purchased and converted into the Grand Central, a gay resort, in the late 1970s. In 1979, part of the…

Parliament House El Goya ad Miss Florida Female Impersonators Pageant 1977.jpg
This advertisement wishes the best to the 1977 entrants into the Miss Florida Female Impersonators Pageant. This pageant took place before the El Goya burned down in November 1977.

Hanks Contax May 18_ 2000s.jpg
This advertisement is for the bar Hank's. The bar ran happy hour every day of the week from noon to 8pm.

Hank's originally opened in 1977 under Wally Wood, one of the members of the Gay and Lesbian Gang. It closed sometime in the following years,…

This photograph is of the Parliament House Motor Lodge welcome sign in 1975. The sign reads "It[']s a nice day. Smile."The Parliament House Motor Lodge, originally established in 1962, was purchased by Mike Hodge and Bill Miller after the Orlando…

This photograph depicts Walt Disney (left), Florida Governor Haydon Burns (center), and Walt Disney Company co-founder Roy Disney (right) at a press conference in late 1965. Walt Disney World opened just six years later in 1971. Its opening marked an…

Palace Club - A Friendly Voice May 8_ 1991.jpg
In this advertisement, the Palace Club sought to attract gay patrons to its "only all gay after hour tradition" on the weekends. This advertisement was put out after the club's move in 1981 to 3400 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida.The Palace…
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