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KindRED Pride Foundation Collection

This collection documents a selection of events surrounding the annual Red Shirt Pride Day that takes place on the first Saturday of June at Disney's…

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Stephen Roberts Collection


Stephen Roberts grew up in his hometown of Winter Park as a self-proclaimed “Central Florida boy,” later attending Seminole Community College and the…

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Yellow Bricks Brick Road/Yellow Brick 9.JPG

Yellow Bricks were created as memorials to those members of the community that we don't have a photograph so that their contribution is not forgotten.

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The Palace Club

Bill Miller Palace Construction 1.jpg

The Palace Club was one of the original late night bottle clubs located at 3400 S. Orange Blossom Trail. Bottle clubs usually opened after the bars…

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Triangle was a monthly publication of GLCS of Central Florida Inc. from 1993-1995.

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David Wegman (7).jpg

David Wegman is the surviving brother Paul Wegman, the infamous "Miss P' whose talents blessed the Parliament House stage from its beginning in 1976…

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Rusty Fawcett (27).jpg

One day a photo album was donated to the museum that we later found out belonged to Rusti Fawcett. Rusti was not sure how it ended up with us (it had…

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Ron Studdard (40).jpg

Ron Studdard has been a loyal patron of the Parliament House for over 40 years and was a founding member of AID Orlando.

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Willie Tillmon (17).jpg

Photographs in the collection where donated by Willie Tillmon (Geraldine Jones).

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AIDS Monument Memorial Monument Foundation Inc/AIDS_Memorial_Monument_pamphlet.jpg

An AIDS monument was proposed for Lake Eola but it was vehemently opposed.

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The Center Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Center/Miss P Library at the Center 002.jpg

TheCenter has gone by many monikers since its inception. Starting with "The Center", then "GLCS" and eventually "LGBTQ+ Center" but its always been…

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Gay Skate and Sports/GaySkate/img541.jpg

Gay Skate was held the 1st Monday of each month at Semoran Skateway. It was open to all ages.

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GayEscape Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Center/Sea Escape Cruises/Gay Escape Cruise III 1991/GayEscapeLisaLacy035.jpg

GayEscape 1 and GayEscape 2 were two of the most successful fundraisers for GLCS of Central Florida. The money raised from the 2 SeaEscape charters…

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A Christmas of Sharing

AIDS Activists Jeffrey Gaul and Michael Pelkowski (d. 9/24/2009) had an annual Christmas fundraiser at their home to help PWA's in need.

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The Gardens - Miscellaneous/Gardens/SANY0223.jpg

First LGBT timeshare resort, the Gardens, opened in 2007 next to the Parliament House.

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Marlin Beach Hotel - Miscellaneous/MarlinBeach/Picture 441.jpg

A Gay and Lesbian hotel located in Fort Lauderdale Beach during the eighties was a popular weekend getaway for Orlando gay community.

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