Photograph: "Carmella Marcella Garcia and Danielle Hunter"

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Photograph: "Carmella Marcella Garcia and Danielle Hunter"


Image of Carmella Marcella Garcia with Danielle Hunter.

Carmella Marcella Garcia or known as the 'Grand Ole Gal of the South' was born in Brownsville, Kentucky on June 25th, 1962 as George Timothy Reed. Known for his multiple talents such as a Country/ Jazz vocalist and comedian, Reed's career augmented through drag performance which began in Nashville, Tennessee in the 1980's and flourished throughout several states; gaining popularity and being featured in television shows i.e. MTV, Comedy Central and others. While he traveled throughout the United States, he was a regular at Parliament House and Southern Nights in Orlando, Florida. Reed also raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations such and coached female pageant contestants in his later years. George Timothy Reed passed away in Bowling Green, Kentucky on October 15th, 2019 due to cancer. Carmella has obtain several titles and awards including Miss Parliament House, Miss Gay Florida USofA (1989), Miss Gay USofA at Large (1989), Miss Universe at Large (1992), Miss Continental Plus (1995) and others.

Danielle Hunter was born on August 19th and is an entertainer based at Hamburger Mary’s St. Louis, though also resided, and performed in Orlando, Florida. Hunter holds several titles such as Miss Gay Illinois USofA 1991, Miss Tennessee Continental 1993, Miss Southern Nights Continental 1997, Miss Florida F.L. 1999, Miss North Carolina Continental 2000, Miss Continental 2000, Miss Gay Orlando 2002, Miss Tampa Bay USofA 2003, Miss Gay Missouri USofA 2006, Miss Continental Elite 2007, Miss Tri-County Legacy 2008, Miss Gay Florida USofA Classic 2010 and the National Entertainer of the Year, Fl. 2018. Her Drag daughter is Venus Envy and was a close friend of Carmella Marcella Garcia. Loc Robertson comments during the oral history interview pertaining to the collection of “Men in Heels” calendar that Hunter worked at Southern Nights during the calendar photoshoot and lived in the same apartment complex. He also commented that her tag line in Southern Nights was “The Bold & Beautiful Danielle Hunter.”




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