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This newsletter details the origins of the Loving Committed Network (LCN) in Orlando, Florida, a gay women's organization dedicated to providing gay women with events specifically for them. The organization began in 1984.

Joy MCC _3_.jpg
This newsletter informs patrons of the Joy Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) that the church launched a fundraiser. It also provides an overview of the church's history, such as its origins and its progress in the Central Florida region. Joy MCC…

This image shows the from sign of the bar Southern Nights. Originally established in 1982 as "Southern Changes," the bar has undergone several name changes, but it currently is called Southern Nights

This image depicts well-dressed tables in a large room, with the logo of the Last Moving Picture Company on the back wall. It is likely that this room held either a banquet or an auction. Bill Miller, one of the original members of Orlando's Gay and…
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