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Saturday June 22, 1991 at 10 a.m.Orlando Regional PridePARADE GENERAL COMMITTEE Joel Strack -Co-Chair Le June Perrin -Co-Chair ORLANDO REGIONAL PRIDE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Phyllis Murphy -Co-Chair Le June Perrin -Co-Chair Brian Arbogast de…

The 2nd gay and lesbian pride parade was held on June 20, 1992It was organized by Orlando Regional Pride.PARADE GENERAL COMMITTEE Joel Strack -Co-Chair Le June Perrin -Co-Chair Keith Morrison - Volunteer Coordinator ORLANDO REGIONAL PRIDE BOARD OF… Coming Out Day/1988 National Coming Out Day/NCOD -1st or 2nd celebration_ Winter Park -Joel Strack on stage.jpg
NCOD -1st or 2nd celebration Winter Park -Joel Strack on stage Strack at Disney on Gay Day.jpg
Joel Strack at Disney on Gay Day Days 2003/Gay Days Joel Strack-Mark Klingaman-Rob Noll.jpg
Gay Days Joel Strack-Mark Klingaman-Rob Noll

Image of Paul Wegman- Miss P performing for an AIDS benefit show at the Footlight theatre at Parliament House. The production number is Be Italian from Nine. Performers left to right: Chris Cross, Denny Bagley, Jennifer Wells, Stephanie Shippae, Von…
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