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Saturday June 22, 1991 at 10 a.m.Orlando Regional PridePARADE GENERAL COMMITTEE Joel Strack -Co-Chair Le June Perrin -Co-Chair ORLANDO REGIONAL PRIDE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Phyllis Murphy -Co-Chair Le June Perrin -Co-Chair Brian Arbogast de…

The 2nd gay and lesbian pride parade was held on June 20, 1992It was organized by Orlando Regional Pride.PARADE GENERAL COMMITTEE Joel Strack -Co-Chair Le June Perrin -Co-Chair Keith Morrison - Volunteer Coordinator ORLANDO REGIONAL PRIDE BOARD OF… coast/Stax 1994.jpg
Stax 1994


Parliament House El Goya ad Miss Florida Female Impersonators Pageant 1977.jpg
This advertisement wishes the best to the 1977 entrants into the Miss Florida Female Impersonators Pageant. This pageant took place before the El Goya burned down in November 1977.

Hanks Contax May 18_ 2000s.jpg
This advertisement is for the bar Hank's. The bar ran happy hour every day of the week from noon to 8pm.

Hank's originally opened in 1977 under Wally Wood, one of the members of the Gay and Lesbian Gang. It closed sometime in the following years,…

Palace Club - A Friendly Voice May 8_ 1991.jpg
In this advertisement, the Palace Club sought to attract gay patrons to its "only all gay after hour tradition" on the weekends. This advertisement was put out after the club's move in 1981 to 3400 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida.The Palace… and Clubs/Boom/Boom - Contax May 25_ 2000.jpg
Boom - Contax May 25 2000

Tags: , and Clubs/Boom/Boom_ Watermark Apr_ 27- May 10_ 2000.jpg
Boom Watermark Apr 27- May 10 2000

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club - A Friendly Voice 5-22-1991.jpg
Cactus Club - A Friendly Voice 5-22-1991

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club Contax October 1993_001.jpg
Cactus Club Contax October 1993 001

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club_ Watermark 1-25-1995.jpg
Cactus Club Watermark 1-25-1995

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club WM May-June 1997 a.JPG
Cactus Club WM May-June 1997 a

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club Contax June 24_ 1998j.jpg
Cactus Club Contax June 24 1998j

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club 1999 Fun Map.jpg
Cactus Club 1999 Fun Map

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club Contax May 25_ 2000a.jpg
Cactus Club Contax May 25 2000a

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Cactus Club Gay Day 2000.jpg
Cactus Club Gay Day 2000

Tags: , and Clubs/Cactus/Contax May 18_ 2000e.jpg
Contax May 18 2000e

Tags: , - Miscellaneous/Image.jpg
Fred Berliner was the first openly gay car salesman in Central Florida and regularly advertised in LGBTQ media.
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