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Saviz Shafaie

Album 3 - red_out and outraged038.jpg

Saviz Shafaie attended the University of Central Florida as a student seeking a Masters in Social Work. Originally born and raised in Iran, He was an…

Contributors: Matteson, David

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Central Florida Timeline


The images in this collection represent selected events on the Central Florida Timeline, drawn from various other collections held by the LGBTQ…

Contributors: O'Neil, Rhiannon

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Men in Heels Calendar

Bruce Ground _amp_ Leigh Shannon Firestone Club1998.jpg

These calendars were created by photographer Loc Robertson and drag performer Leigh Shannon, who decided to spotlight some local Florida drag talent.…

Contributors: Rodriguez, Alexis

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Paul Wegman- Miss P Collection


Images of Paul Wegman, former MC of Parliament House, Orlando, that visually recount Paul's character, "Miss P." Paul Michael Wegman, also known as…

Contributors: Rodriguez, Alexis

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Danielle Hunter and Page King collection


A collection of images pertaining to Danielle Hunter and Page King from a photo shoot taken at Parliament House, Orlando. According to Danielle…

Contributors: Rodriguez, Alexis

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Drag performers: Throughout the years in Central Florida


A collection of photographs of drag performers in Central Florida, along with various flyers and articles pertaining to drag pageantry from the early…

Contributors: Rodriguez, Alexis

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Full Moon Saloon and Clubs/FullMoon/WM Full Moon Tampa Nov-Dec 1999.JPG

The Full Moon Saloon was a popular country western/levi/leather bar located at 500 N. Orange Blossom Trail. The owner was Bob Graves, former partner…

Contributors: Graves, Bob

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Parliament House and Clubs/Parliament/Pride 2008 PH.jpg

Located at 410 N Orange Blossom Trail is Orlando's oldest and largest LGBTQ entertainment complex and motel. It opened as a gay club in 1975 after it…

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3400 Complex and Clubs/3400/Loading Dock.jpg

The 3400 complex was located at 3400 S. Orange Blossom Trail. It was a former meat packing plant that was purchased by Bill Miller and Michael Hodge…

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Magic Mushroom White/SKMBT_C28013090509040.jpg

Buddy White founded the group Magic Mushroom & Company, a drag ensemble featuring Magic, Rita, and Geri. He started performing in 1969. The group was…

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LGBTQ History Museum History Museum/Mobile Exhibits/Wells_Fargo_ Exhibit_ 2011_ June/National Coming Out Day - 20 Years Display.jpg

Our collective of educators, archivists, librarians, writers, designers, artists, and students are involved in and recognize the need for this…

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New Direction Direction_OCR.pdf

New Direction was a news magazine created to take an indepth look at the people and things that effect the way we live....government and the law,…

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LCN Express

LCN Express was a monthly publication of the Loving Comitted Network (LCN), a womyn's social group from 1984-1994. LCN did not have officers or board…

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The Center Fold Fold_OCR.pdf

The Center Fold was a monthly publication of The Center, Orlando's first GLBT community center.

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Orange Blossom Bowling Association and Sports/OBBA/WM OBBA.JPG

First GLBT bowling league in Central Florida was founded by David Martin and bowled every Tuesday evening at Bowl America Winter Park.

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Pride Festivals Festival/The Weekly News July 3_ 1991 First Pride Parade_ top part.jpg

First advertised as "Pride Picnics", then Pride Festivals, then Pride Parades, and today as just "Pride".

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